About us

Company overview

Shams Al-Shamal Trading and Contracting Company Limited was established in 1977, and holds a classification certificate in the areas of electromechanical building works, water and sanitation works, gardening and site planning. Its success in this field is reflected in the various projects implemented by the company in various fields, including contracting, contracting, architectural procurement, commercial, industrial and residential projects. Since its establishment, it has been reflecting innovation and excellence in the field of construction.


To make our company among the ranks of international companies through multiple plans, whether in the short or long term,
Which achieves remunerative and reasonable levels of returns on our investments for the benefit of society.

Our goals

Leadership in providing our customers with innovative technical solutions.
Caring for the customer, meeting his requests, and exceeding his expectations.
Development and advancement to the highest ethical and professional levels.
Strict commitment to applying the highest levels of occupational safety and health.
Living up to the highest standards of quality, performance and skill of our work team.
We seek to be the preferred partner for our customers and establish a long-term fruitful relationship.
Providing customers with the required products and services at the lowest costs and the highest level of quality.

Our achievements

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